Topic: from 500 C.E. to 1500 C.E. Write a paper analyzingthe influence of Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam on the societieswhere they became the predominant religions.

The religions of salvation that came into existence during the ancient

and early medieval ages) dominated their respective societies for the

next thousand years�from 500 C.E. to 1500 C.E.

Write a paper analyzing the influence of Buddhism, Christianity, and

Islam on the societies where they became the predominant religions. Your

analysis should cover the way the religions influenced the political

and social systems, cultural and artistic traditions, and learning and

science in these societies

Introduction: The paper should have an introduction (which will contain

your thesis sentence) wherein you will lay out the parameters of your

analysis; a main body, which will contain your analysis of the three

civilizations; and a conclusion, wherein you will explain how your

analysis supports your thesis.

Thesis: A thesis is a statement that provides an overarching argument.

You should have a thesis sentence in the first paragraph. Your paper

will lack focus without a clearly stated thesis at the beginning.

Analysis: Your analysis should back up your thesis. Without supporting

analysis, your thesis and conclusions will read like opinions. That is

not good for a research assignment. Remember that history is the

interpretation of evidence and not editorial opinion.Your

analysis MUST be based on supporting evidence drawn from your sources,

not the analysis and conclusions from the sources. It is YOUR analysis

that counts in this paper.

Quotes: Try to paraphrase material from your sources and avoid quoting the sources excessively.

Citations: You must cite all material you draw from your sources, not

just the direct quotes, using footnotes. All citations must follow the

Chicago Manual of Style.

Writing style: WRITE IN FORMAL ENGLISH, and choose your words carefully.

Write in short, crisp, grammatically correct sentences. Aim for

clarity. Writing in the active voice rather than in the passive voice

helps in improving clarity. Pay attention to paragraph transitions.

Finally, REVISE the paper before submission.

–Another thing my teacher mentioned was to not use wikipedia and

suggested other sources. google Scholar was the only one he mentioned

but can take sources from books, magazines, and journals too.

Hi, I was told that I can give you my online school credentials to view

my class materials and database to help with the paper. That would be

great because my teacher says he needs at least a few citations from our

library database at UMUC. Please let me know if you have any questions

or problems getting in. Thank you!

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