Can i have a good writer in Political science dear writer here are the instructions for this assignment: the topic i choose for this research is :

1) The National Housing Trust Fund/ How Will It be implemented In Delaware?Resources: National Low Income Housing Coalition, Delaware State Housing Authority.

here are the instructions make shore you download the rubrics i upoload for this paper and use them in your writting or else i will lose points here are the instructions for this paper;

Produce a policy position paper on asocial welfare policy of your choice taking into account accuratehistorical information about the policy path to date, current politicalcircumstances that may restrict or broaden policy alternatives, and theethics of policies that serve to increase public and private libertythrough social and economic justice.

The report shall beformatted using APA style and shall be a minimum of eight (8) fullpages, including the cover, reference page and abstract. This papershall contain a minimum of four (4) scholarly references includingacademic journals, reference books, or other textbooks. Supplementalinternet references must be cited. Wikipedia is not a credible website.It is a good website to gather information but it should not be used asone of the sources for your paper.

The purpose of this research paper is to have you explore a currentpolicy of your choice that involves domestic policy considerations. Thepublic policy chosen for review may include any social welfare policy.

The paper should include the following:

Please download the rubrics and read it it is very important that you use it in your writting or else i will lose points this instructor really follow the rubrics while reading the paper make shore you use apa style and double space and also cite your work no pligiarism please add references at the end.

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