Select a special population that was not in the Reading (I have chosen single mothers). Conduct research so that you can explain the characteristics of the population, common needs, and strategies for providing effective case management services. (Make sure to have an in-text citation within the document)

Once you have conducted your research, write a hypothetical client scenario (see my case scenario below) that includes:

Remember to focus on the client’s membership in the special population. The presenting problem, needs, obstacles and referrals should be appropriate to the special need of the client.

This is what I need filled out for this assignment… I have attached a word document template that should be completed (See Below).

Client Name:

Age: Gender: Marital status:

Level of Education (partial or last completed)

Housing: (explain who the client lives with and the situation- does client pay rent or own home/live for free)

Presenting Problem:

List of needs:

Special Population/Needs: (explain the population and how this relates to the client)




Case Scenario: Case Study Juanita is a 25-year-old single mother of four children. She goes to her doctor because she is having severe, frequent headaches, heart racing, chest pain and dizziness/balance problems. Juanita has a long history of other health issues that her doctor has not been able to explain from a physical point of view. She has also had frequent accidents, falls, etc. Juanita’s doctor has decided that it is time for her to have a complete physical. Her doctor asks her if there is anything else he should know. Juanita tells her doctor that all is fine. Juanita’s doctor is aware that about 4 years ago, Juanita attended and successfully completed an inpatient rehab for alcohol use. Sensing that Juanita might be resistant to opening up with him, her doctor asks her how her recovery is progressing. The doctor wonders if Juanita is eating okay and exercising, since she has lost a lot of weight. Juanita finally tells her doctor that her job is on the line, her youngest child is having behavioral issues at school, and she feels depressed. Juanita admits that, as a result of her personal problems, about six weeks ago, she relapsed with alcohol and has been drinking regularly since then. The doctor suspects possible anxiety related problems or panic attacks but is puzzled by the balance problems. He examines her inner ear and finds that her eardrum has been ruptured. However, when inquiring about ear infections, Juanita reports nothing of that nature recently. He tells Juanita that the next logical explanation is head trauma and that based on the numerous unexplained injuries he expects physical abuse. Reluctantly she admits that there is physical violence in her current relationship with her boyfriend. The doctor states that he knows that there is a major problem with the relapse, and she needs help; she also needs treatment for the domestic violence. The doctor makes an appointment at the local Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center, which specializes in trauma informed care. Juanita agrees to keep the appointment; however, the doctor is concerned that Juanita may not go.

The learning activity should use the following layout. APA format is not required, however be sure to add at least 500 words total in the response. I am also attaching my textbook. Please make sure all resources that are used I can look up online for free. My reading for this week was Chapter 10 in the textbook and chapter 5 in the TIP 27 article.

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