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A set of beliefs that certain knowledge, truth, and morality exist in a culture, society, or historical context.

I believe the author’s strongest argument against relativism is extreme relativism. These are groups of people within a culture or religion that just take their beliefs way too far. Take religion for example. The vast majority of all religious folk are decent human beings, would never hurt a fly. They are a benefit to society, give back to their communities and help take care of the poor and downtrodden. The Christians and Muslims tend to be in the spotlight the most, but most members of both religions have evolved past the more archaic verses in their holy books.As a Christian, most men don’t beat their wives any more, and Muslims don’t actually tend to believe that infidels need to be conquered. We just tend to have differing opinions, and people have begun to accept that.
I have noticed, though, through news articles and general internet research, hooray for Google, that most radical relativism is different for different regions. Radicals in the Middle East tend to be absolutely barbaric towards their women. They can’t drive, cannot leave the house without a male relative escort. They eat in separate sections in restaurants from their male counterparts. One of the worst things I’ve seen when it comes to this type of belief, is that women, even if they are not from the country, will go to jail for adultery even if they were raped.
There are areas of radical Muslims in Africa that force their little girls to undergo a horrifying procedure that some do not survive at all. Female circumcision, their genitals are mutilated and these girls are in severe pain and could die from shock as they are not sedated while being maimed. This is done because of the belief that women are strictly for procreation and that the procedure will help keep a woman faithful to her husband.
This is not to say that all Muslims are terrible people. Just those ones. I’ve known a number of Muslims in my time in the Navy, and they lived right along side of us in military with no problems whatsoever. Some of the most polite and caring people that I’ve ever met. There’s a pair of brothers that runs the local smoke shop that, aside from the selling of an obviously bad habit, does nothing but good things for the community. These people have conquered radical beliefs and adapted in a country considered as a melting pot.
The radicals in Christianity and Catholicism are no better, just look at Spanish Inquisition, Salem Witch Trials, and ironically after I spoke about Islam, the Crusades. Beliefs that if someone is different they must be dancing with the devil, and therefore must be purged.
Nowadays we have certain radical beliefs that they are right, and others are wrong. WBC for one, while their offenses aren’t necessarily violent, they are still quite repulsive. They picket the funerals of fallen soldiers, sailors, and marines, because they believe that ‘god hates fags’. There are also the Christians that shoot up and bomb abortion clinics. Cults have a problematic radical belief system as well; the leaders brain washing their subjects into child marriages and polygamy. The Amish themselves are also not immune to radicalism, if you look up excerpts from women that have escaped those communities.
So yes, I believe there is an enormously large argument against Radical Relativism. Leaders use this as a way to manipulate and control their people into doing whatever the most powerful wants them to do. Relativism in general, however, can be a very good thing. People take comfort in their beliefs and it helps them strive to become better people. We hardly ever get to see the good things, unless we dig for it, because decent human beings just aren’t profitable.

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