I need  all authentic work, this paper will be submitted into turnitin.com Please read all instructions before doing the paper. 

Instructions are as follow

 Microorganisms have often played a role in changing history. For this writingassignment you are a journalist who has been assigned to do a historical perspective articleon the following disease Salmonella typhimurium. Your editor wants you to relate how this particularinfection had an effect or changed history.

Research Paper Instructions:

 The paper should be 7-10 pages, typed, double spaced, 12 point font and stapled or

placed within a report folder.

 Research should be gathered from both hard copy and online resources. (3 hard copy

sources and an equal amount of collaborating internet sources)

 Information must be properly documented, since none of this is your information. This

includes both in-body referencing and a work cited page.

a. In-body referencing is documentation of the source from which you get the


1) All information should have parenthetical referencing (author & page #)

for a hard copy source; (internet source # that corresponds to the work

cited page) for an internet source.

2) This referencing should be for every piece of information included in the

paper. That means every sentence that you use from a source!

b. Work cited page – found at the end of the paper and only includes sources

actually used within the body of the paper. (Work cited page does not count as 1

of the pages of the paper!)

1) Hard copy source to include: Title of book or magazine, Article name (if

a magazine), author, publishing company, copyright date or magazine

volume & date, and page numbers

2) Internet source to include: URL, date accessed, copyright date (if

available), and date of last update

3) The works cited page is most easily created with the program NoodleBib

See below for directions.

 Website: http://www.noodletools.com/

4) If you chose not to use NoodleBib for your works cited page, give the

following information for each source:

 Hard copy sources: Author(s) of book. Title of Book. Where

published: The Publishing Company, Copyright Date. Pages.

 Author(s) of Magazine Article. “Title of Article.” Title of Magazine.

Volume Number (Date of Publication): Pages.

 Internet sources: The Name of the Page. Date Last Updated. Author

of the Information. URL.

o If the author and update information are not available, you

should question the internet source and not use the


c. Remember plagiarism will not be tolerated!

This paper should be written from the perspective that are re

journalist researching this disease. This means that this paper will be

written in first person.

The following questions/information should be included in the paper: (This is the minimum

amount of information that is required, additional pertinent information may be included.)

a. Specific microorganism information:

Viral infection:

a) Components of the virus

b) Virus morphology

c) Method of Viral entry into host cell

Bacterial infection:

a) Morphology of the bacteria

b) Cellular components of the bacteria

c) Special staining techniques or biochemical tests used to identify


 b. General information required: (Please also see grading rubric!)

1) Name of the disease and the specific microorganism that causes the disease

2) Symptoms of the disease

3) Means of transmission of the disease

4) Pathogenicity of the disease

5) Treatment and prevention of the disease

6) Diagnosis of the disease

 c. How the spread of this microorganism changed history

Here is a copy of the Grading Rubric 

Specific Content: 65 points

Symptoms of Disease (5 points) ____

Diagnosis of Disease

Special Staining techniques (5 points) ____

Tests used to identify M.O. (5 points) ____

Pathogenesis of Disease

Invasion of body (5 points) ____

Evasion of Immune system (5 points) ____

Treatment of Disease (5 points) ____

Prevention of Disease (5 points) ____

Bacterial Infection ____

Morphology of bacteria (5 points) ____

Cellular components (5 points) ____

Viral Infection ____

Shape of virus (2 points) ____

Components of virus ____

Genome (2 points) ____

Enveloped or naked (2 points) ____

Enzymes (2 points) ____

Penetration method (2 points) ____

How spread of Microbe changed history (10 points) ____

Mechanics & Format: 10 points

No grammar, spelling or punctuation errors (4 points) ____

Proper sentence structure (3 points) ____

One idea per paragraph (3 points) ____

Citations: 10 points

In body referencing (5 points) ____

Work cited page properly stated (3 points) ____

Proper number of sources (2 points) ____

Overall Presentation: 15 points

Clear understanding of the topic (5 points) ____

Proper number of pages (5 points) ____


st person account (5 points) ____

Throughout paper ___

Random use _

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