This part of the document of the project.

So basically for now, I need to give the instructor a topic and a proposal for this research. so far I’ve given him around 20 topics,give or take, and he didn’t accept any of them or he kept saying that I should be able to reproduce and make a Demo, and kept telling me topic needs to me narrowed, specific, find or propose a solution for it, make it work.

the general idea, I’ve been asked to find problem in Operating System Security specifically, and try to find a solution, and it should be something have been solved but i find better solution, or there was proposed solution but hasn’t been solved, or no one was able to solve it yet.

all is related to OS security.

Frankly, if I only have a good topic I can do the rest myself. So if you please can you help me find few other topics? so i can run them by him and get his approval and start the project?

send me a message, Thanks.

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