1) Read and summarize Falcon’s article 1/2-1 pageBe sure to address: How does she link gender violence to the border? How does she thinknational security contributes to gender violence? What do they think is the importance oftransnational activism (and what is transnational activism?) 

2) Read the other articles that outline different perspectives on immigration reform: 1 page

1 a) Donald Trump (skim) 

b) Republicans for immigration reform (note, there are two blogs cut and paste into thedocument, read both) (skim) 

c) Indigenous critiques of immigration reform (why do they think immigration reform is antiindigenous) 

d) Escobar (explain how Escobar thinks the immigration movement is complicit in antiBlackness)What are the different assumptions and perspectives behind these debates? Is there any room forcommon ground? What is your analysis and why? 

3) Read and summarize on suicide bombers: 1/2-1 page

 Be sure to explain: what is her critique of how western feminism understands the “suicidebomber”. What does she suggest is preferable framework? 

4) Read the Naber article. Over a ½ page reflection. 

I have attached pdf file articles and I will paste some links associated with the question here. 

http://www.businessinsider.com/donald-trumps-epic-statement-on-mexico-2015-7 (TRUMP) 

http://oodhamsolidarity.blogspot.com/2010/04/movement-demands-autonomy-oodham.html (Indegenous crtiques) 

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