Plan 4 points: Provide in your solution folder a Flowchart, pseudocode, photo of of your hand-written plan, or type-written algorithm about how you plan to solve the below problem.
Filename: Assignment4_Plan_YourLastName.docx/vsdx Remember Plan First, Then Code. That is, you may use any technique for planning that you like as long as you do so, and prove to me in this file that you did so.

Code 16 points: Zip file of entire solution Folder including planning file.


For Max Points Possible, be sure to validate user input as per the techniques discussed in class, via the Validation Learning Module, or as per another manner. We never assume that the user will enter valid input, but test to make sure that the input is valid (data type, number/character range, etc.)

Shaun is an HVAC technician who works on air conditioning equipment around the world. Since he works outside, he often needs to have a good indication of the weather report. Depending on the country that Shuan is in, the temperature may be presented in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

· Create a C++ Program that will convert a temperature given in Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa based upon the user’s decision.

o Create a Folder call Temperature_Converter_YourFirstName_YourLastName

o In the folder, Create a New C++ Source file called Temperature_Converter_YourFirstName_YourLastName.cpp

o In the comments at the top of the program, put your name, coursename, teacher name, and the date. Use a mult-line comment.

o Using a search engine, research the respective formulas for Celsius or Fahrenheit conversion and vice versa.

o Accept Input from the user in a variable called decision

* IF decision = ‘F‘, then the calculation block should be for Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion.

* ELSE IF decision = ‘C‘, then the calculation block should be for Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion.

* ELSE there was an error. The user did not provide a proper F or C decision

· Output a message of this error.

o Communicate to the user: Be sure to use cout statements that let the user know what the expected input is and what the output result is:

* Please enter ‘F‘ for Celsius or Fahrenheit conversion and ‘C‘ for Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion

· You have decided to convert to _________

o Please Enter your ____________ temperature:

* Calculate Conversion

· Output Calculated value “Your converted temperature is___________”

o Test your program with multiple decisions, and multiple temperatures.

  • You might perhaps look for an online converter to test the accuracy of your information being presented.


  • Set the precision of the outputted numbers to 4 decimals places; hint iomanip library
  • Make the program loop until the user enters an exit condition. ‘Y’ or ‘y’ is “yes” to continue ‘N’ or ‘n’ is no to exit the program.
  • Can you prevent the user from breaking your program if they enter an alphabetical character instead of a number…? If not, your points will be reduced on this program.

Submitting for grading:

Zip your entire top level folder (I need everthing inside the solution folder to be in the zip file):

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