World Regional Geography Assignment # 1Nicholas Kristof, Amanda Colegrove, and Leon Yacher have made significant contributions toGeography, and each has been interviewed for the Conversation with a Geographer oral historyseries at GRCC. The interviews lend insight into their work, and these offer a glimpse of some ofthe interesting things that are done by geographers and geographically-minded journalists.Directions: Go to: View the specific interviews andlectures listed below:Nicholas Kristof, Columnist, New York Times, 26 September 2011.Growing up in Oregon. Influence of father, the political geographer, Ladis Kristof. Importance ofwriting and traveling abroad. Reporting on human trafficking in Southeast Asia.Amanda Colegrove, Coalition Organizer, Coalition Against Trafficking & Exploitation, 24February, 2015.Crime Victim Advocacy Center, St. Louis, MissouriInterest in Geography sparked after returning to school following several years in the workforce. Research in Geography devoted to mapping human trafficking in Missouri. Addressinghuman trafficking issues.Leon Yacher, Professor of Geography, Southern Connecticut State University, 21 October2013.Growing up in South America and the United States. Introduced to Geography by RichardMurphy at the University of New Mexico. Research in the history of cartography, the history ofgeography in Latin America, and Central Asia.Write commentaries of no less than 500 words devoted to each individual’s biography andwork. Thus, no less than 1500 words must be written for this assignment in one document. Donot submit more than one document. A title page must include: Title, Name, and the coursenumber and section number. The title of your paper is: Commentary: Kristof, Colegrove, andYacher Interviews. The commentaries must be word-processed and submitted as a singleMicrosoft Word document attached to an e-mail sent to: Alternativeattachments, such as pdf files and google.doc items are not accepted and will not be graded;nor are pasted commentaries in the textbox of the e-mail considered acceptable. The e-mail

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