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1,Lawrence reaches out to his reader, saying “I do hope you begin to get my idea, why the novel is supremely important, as a tremulation on the ether.” After reading “Why the Novel Matters,” think about what Lawrence means. Why does the novel and novelist matter beyond all other forms and professions for Lawrence?

After reading “Why the Novel Matters”, I can understand what Lawrence means when he reaches out to the reader. For Lawrence, the novel and novelist matter beyond all other forms and professions because novelists are the only ones who can realize and appreciate the “aliveness” of every part of your body, down to the very veins, bones, etc. Their novels are works of the knowledge of their entire body, not just their mind. Lawrence believes that all things alive are amazing; other writers and fields, such as philosophers, do not deal with the aliveness of themselves but rather talk about un-alive things such as infinity etc. Everyone else does not realize the aliveness of themselves and even scientists deal with dead rather than man alive, as Lawrence states. To Lawrence, no other profession deals with man alive other than novelists and novels themselves.

Lawrence points out at the beginning of the essay, that different professions and different people want to break a person up into pieces, and say that those parts are what makes the person alive. Lawrence then insists that no individual part of someone truly makes them alive, but all of them coming together do. By viewing looking at someone and attributing their being alive to one particular part, we do them the greatest injustice. Lawrence believes that the novelist, contrary to the other intellectuals, does not dissect the alive person and try to define what makes them alive. The novelist just gives the characters life. The characters are alive through changes that affect them, and their growth throughout the novel. Lawrence viewed the novel as important because it “can help you not to be dead man in life” (2511). Lawrence thinks novels are supremely important because they teach us to be alive. Novels are there to remind us what being alive really means. 2,

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