Whether or not the skill of organization comes naturally to you, it is an essential skill to refine and embrace as a network administrator. Executing systematic labeling and naming conventions may require an initial investment of your time, but the pay-off down the road will be substantial. Without a carefully planned organizational system, you and your colleagues will soon become overwhelmed with trying to keep track of the number of buildings, floor numbers, room numbers, offices, data closets, etc.

Consider the following device names:



The first name is simply a string of numbers, which many people would have a hard time recognizing as meaningful information. However, the second name contains abbreviated names, locations, and other identifying information, making it easy to interpret on the fly. The first field tells you that the device is located in Rochester, which is abbreviated as roc. The second field (02) refers to the floor number. The third field (ne) refers to the data closet’s location within the building (northeast corner). The fourth field contains the rack number (01). The final field (rtr4) identifies the type of device (a router) and the number of the router (4). What are some ideas you have for a naming convention?

For this assignment, you will design your own naming convention. Give an example of your naming convention in action using a scenario like the one stated above, and explain why your naming convention would help you and your colleagues stay organized.

Be sure to use paragraphs and check for spelling/grammar

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