Question1:Consider what age group you hope to work withand reflect on which aspects of Piaget’s theory will be the most usefulto you in your future career. How will this information be useful inyour everyday work with children? Will it change your expectations forchildren? For yourself?

Journal Options:

  1. Written reflection journal.

ece332 early childhood education

Question 2: Write a 250 words about yoga class that you already attend. what do you like? what you do not like about the class? is it helpful?

Question 3:

Whether a legal right or a law, the ethicalissues surrounding the beginning of life are complex, emotional, andpotentially costly.Regardless of your position on abortion, describe the ethical factors involved with the beginning of life debate;please be sure to research and consider both sides of the issues. Also,include who your credible sources believe the primary patient to be andwhat factors need to be considered surrounding quality of life for theunborn and risks to the mother.

One paragraph- Include references.

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