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The logic of the labor supply chainapproach is compelling: Efficiently matching labor skills to demandspays off. However, consider what the labor supply chain approach meansto workers. As a unit of labor that has certain qualifications, youcould be assigned to any of a variety of places and projects. Dependingon the need, you might be part of a virtual or physical team, and youmight be temporarily moved to another geographic location, until demandsfluctuate again.

In a 1-2 page paper, identify thepotential problem you see here. Indicate how you would learn toeffectively work with new people. Since moving to a new place can beunsettling, indicate how you would develop a sense of team, trust, acommon culture, interpersonal relations, and so on, as components ofperformance. Determine whether you are in favor of or against the use oflabor supply chain software, and defend your position. After the majorpros and cons are considered, identify ways to offset the potentialdisadvantages of the labor supply chain approach.

Source: Adapted from Malykhina, E. (2005, March 21). Supplying labor to meet demand. Information Week, 69�72.

Length shall be 2-3 pages, APA formatted, citing at least 3 references in support of your paper.

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