Dear writer i am going to upload a spread sheet thats the sheet you will put your answers for this assignment it is in excel form here are the instrutions for this assignment:

This is an example of how policy analysts and legislative staff keep track of constituent communications on various policy hot topics. For this assignment:

  1. Pretend you are a local legislator in the state you reside.
  2. Study the district you represent by reading local newspapers, watching the news, and visiting the state’s legislative website.
  3. Then pick 3 controversial current topics or proposed legislation which could effect your constituents.
  4. Poll at least 10 citizens on these issues. List their personal info and preferences in the cells provided. (**Note: the citizens polled can be made up but the issues should be relevant because you will this info in the next assignment)
  5. Be sure to list any other concerns the constituent may have.
  6. Thank the constituent for his/her time.

Be sure to use the related websites provided to aide your research here are the websites below:……

Please visit all these sites before writting the paper

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