I am looking for an excellent writer to do a citation of a appreciation certificate.

here is the scenario- The General manager of a store left after giving 9 years of giving excellent service. the entire staff is sadden by this change and has decided to send him off in fine style and present him with a citation of their appreciation and love for him. the citation must include thanking him for his service and also give him an admonish, that has he embraces his new job he will continue to do great. below are a few pointers to include.

thanking him for his years of service

he was more than a manger to his staff, he was mentor, a confidant, a dad, tower of strength (include more adjectives)

he was a great leader, and excellent manager who went above and beyond expectations,

he was stern yet a warm individual,everyone had/has respect for him

he always had a “the look” (the staff members would call it). this look that he gave was to make everyone assertive. if they were doing something wrong and they got “the look” they would know to stop and get back to work. he did have to say anything.

every single member of the staff feels like this is great loss. mentioned that he was loved and still loved dearly.

the name of the manger is Joe Burke, the store is restaurant (IHOP)

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