Read each paragraph and give me your opinion on both of them so that means I will have two opinions back one for each paragraph

1.To my experience and knowledge the police is known to be public servants that are hired by a police department of any certain city to ” protect and serve” the public which our the people that live in a certain area and have jurisdiction. They are not like lawyers or judges that work within the body’s of courts and work with enforcing the law to people that break it and are convicted after the police our public servants arrest them.Crime fighters falls in the category of the FBI, DEA, State police and Border Patrol that can sometimes fight crime in order to help different police agencies that sometimes have to work together. Being a police officer is not an easy task it takes a lot of responsibility, integrity, and bravery. compared to other professionals that don’t work in the street and have a lot of pressure to deal with on a daily bases. They have a lot of duties and scenarios to remember and can be to much all at once for both men and women police.

As a criminal justice professional, how these opposing viewpoints may affect my perception of myself and the public is that the public may see what one police officer does incorrectly falls on all police of the states and the department that they work in. The public as well may perceive the police when they make a stop on a suspect to fear the police and that they are bad cops that want to shoot them.creating friction and fear as well as confusion between the public and police in communities.since it runs with the public tax dollars and taxes are at stake if one police officer that has the right to do what it right when conducting police work. If he violates that persons right with brutality or murder the public then sues the city police department and they have to pay. the person they have wronged and it takes a lot of energy and the public loses trust in police work and its functions.

The effect self-perception has on a criminal justice professionals ethical behavior in carrying out his or her assigned duties should apply in every profession up to judges and lawyers. I believe in order to make a difference and change the way society is to a better outcome we as people and professionals once we are given the title begin to exercise some type of discretion and proper ways of handling things that deals with public safety. But at the same time enforce the law to everyone because it applys to all of us and we all have the same duties as every other citizen and professional people across our society.

2. I believe that police officers are both public servants and crime fighters. I do however believe that being a public servant is the most important part of their job. Their first responsibility is to protect and serve. They do this by protecting the public from the bad things that could happen to them and they serve the public by not only stopping crime from happening but bringing the wrong doer to justice after the crime. The also serve as crime fighters when there is crime to fight. When a crime is taking place they step into the line of fire and stop the crime from happening and in a lot of cases they prevent the crime from happening in the first place.

The opposing view points for this matter both have merit. As a criminal justice professional I still feel that the primary role of the police officer is to be a public servant. I feel that my view point of this matter affects my perception in a way that makes me think all police officers are her to help the public and that all police officers are good. I know in reality that it is not the case, and the view point that I have makes me have a distorted opinion of police officers being like super hero’s. I would rather have this viewpoint because in the end it gives me a sense of safety. The viewpoint of police officers being crime stoppers gives me the impression that officers are only looking for criminals and are always in a danger zone. this gives me the impression that the world as a whole is an evil place.

An individuals self perception can have a major affect on their ethical behaviors while carrying out their job duties. If an individual has a poor ethical agenda then the quality of work will be poor. If a situation comes up that requires high moral fiber, and the individual has poor morals, the job will be done in a poor manner. Having a high ethical core will ensure that the quality of work will be higher and will help all that are involved.

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