Real Utopia–Creating Pathways to the Dream

Thetheme for the 2012 American Sociological Association annual conferencewas “Real Utopias.” Thomas Moore coined the term “utopia” in the early16th century as a pun on two Greek roots—no place and good place. Autopia is a fantasy world of perfect harmony, peace and justice.

Thenotion of a “real” utopia embraces the tension between the dream andactual implementation. “Utopia” implies visions of alternatives thatembody our deepest aspirations for a world in which all people haveaccess to the conditions necessary to live flourishing lives.

“Real”implies making concrete. That is, creating ideals that are grounded inpractical solutions that can be implemented in order to transform dreamsor visions into realities.

1. For the purposes of this discussion please respond to the following questions:

a. In regard to diversity, what does your utopia look like?

b. What role does social justice play in your utopia?

c. What “real” changes will need to be made in order to transform your utopia into a reality?

d. What information from this course will you apply in your life to make your utopia “real?”

2. Use in-text citations and references to support your answers.

please discuss the above 1 page and write another 1 page reflection on the same (give your own opinion/views)

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