Contributing to an Intellectual Conversation (7-8 pages)

Assignment: Contributing to an Intellectual Conversation
Think of our readings and classroom discussions so far as one long intellectual conversation concerning fairytale culture. With this final paper, you are being asked to intervene more decisively in that conversation, to interpret an aspect of the debate and thereby contribute to a greater understanding of fairytales and representations of, specifically in the contexts of real-world media – advertising campaigns; TV show trends; film depictions; etc. Analyzing a chosen test object through the lens of our course readings and beyond, you will produce a research essay based on an original inquiry, making appropriate use of both primary and secondary sources.
Note on sources: In the course-of your essay, you must bring in a comparison with two or more outside sources. Keep in mind that you are bringing in the ideas in these texts because doing so enables you to address the issue raised for you by your primary “test object.” Overall, the essay is likely to be a weighted comparison, which means that one of your source texts may prove more useful than others and, finally, because your analysis is more concerned with the primary text, the test object, rather than with the secondary texts.
Your paper should:

Generate and focus on one interesting problem or question raised by the test object. Imagine that this problem or question could be interpreted or answered in more than one way. 

Put sources in conversation with one another to shed light on the question raised or to you answer the question. 

Use Becker’s Machine Trick to determine the significance of your test object & conditions surrounding it.

Criteria for evaluation:

Introduction sets up the problem or issue under discussion – in the culture, the test object, and sources.

60 points

 Focused claim that goes beyond the obvious commonplace to make an interpretive claim developed by the source-based analysis.

85 points

Analysis (of details in representative aspects of the test object) that expands and complicates readers’ understanding of the issues in the larger sense.

85 points
 Logical flow of ideas in developed paragraphs with transitions.

35 points

Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and appropriate paraphrase, quotation, and citation of author’s ideas that make clear which ideas belong to you and your sources.

35 points
Total: 300 points

My Writing Plan:

For the test object, I plan to work with film Man of Steel. It’s a 2013 superhero film featuring the DC Comics character Superman.

My working claim is this film seems talk about the romance between superman Clark and reporter Lois, but is really about injustices and evil do not prevail over kindness.

In my introduction part, I would like to point out that movies have already been a important part of entertainment. Because a good movie can teach us a lesson. In addition, I will also give a brief summary of the movie and followed with my working claim.

In my body paragraphs, I would like to talk about some specific analysis of a couple scenes and followed with hidden messages. Moreover, I will also state several scenes that Clark saves people’s life to present superman is a kind character though he comes from other planet.

I’d rather use Cinderella 2015 for the outside resource, I will try to relate the hidden messages between these two movies. For example, they all emphasize kindness and science fiction. Because with the help of magic, Cinderella finally is closed as princess. Similarly, with the help of super power, Clark beat the bad aliens and save the earth.

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