Resources: Leadership Trait Questionnaire in the Leadership Instrument Section of Ch. 2 of Leadership: Theory and Practice; Leadership Theory Matrix

Complete the Leadership Theory Matrix.

Complete the Leadership Trait Questionnaire (LTQ).

Write a 350-word summary of your results that includes the following:

if referneces or quotas are used please cite

Leadership Trait Questionnaire (LTQ)

Instructions: The purpose of this questionnaire is to measure personal characteristics of leadership. The questionnaire should be completed by the leader and five people who are familiar with the leader. Make five copies of this questionnaire. This questionnaire should be completed by you and five people you know (e.g., roommates, coworkers, relatives, friends).

Using the following scale, have each individual indicate the degree to which he or she agrees or disagrees with each of the 14 statements below. Do not forget to complete one for yourself.



  1. Enter the responses for Raters 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the appropriate columns as shown in Example 2.1. The example provides hypothetical ratings to help explain how the questionnaire can be used.
  2. For each of the 14 items, compute the average for the five raters and place that number in the “average rating” column.
  3. Place your own scores in the “self-rating” column.

Example 2.1 Leadership Traits Questionnaire Ratings


file 2.0 is the questionanire

and file 12.1 is the score sheet

the last file is the leadership theory matrix

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