Pick one topic and discuss detail. After studying the law of that area, develop a thesis. You might want to argue for change to the law. You may want to argue that the law is unnecessary.

– Supreme Court Decisions Concerning Political Communication

– The Right to Privacy in a Digital Age

– Sensationalism in Regards to Libel and Privacy

– The Right of the People to Gain Government Information

– The Need for Stricter Cable/Satellite Television Standards

– Freedom of Expression and Sexuality

– The Need to Redefine Obscenity

– Indecency law and the Internet

You should develop a thesis as the basis for your essay. For example you might argue that the framers of the constitution did not intend for the kind of high cost politics resulting from the Citizens United decision. Or that creators of work for hire should have a right of recognition for their work. Or that current privacy law cannot address the threats to privacy created by new technologies

You need at least six reliable, academic sources. These two sites may help: http://www.aclu.org/free-speech


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