Extra credit project (5 points)

Fossil Map


1. Contenders of the earliest hominins

Sahelanthropus tchadensis

Orrorin Tugenensis

Ardipithecus kadabba & A. ramidus

2. Australopithecus

A. anamensis

A. afarensis (Lucy)

A. bahrelghazali

A. garhi

A. africanus

A. sediba

P. aethiopicus

P. boisei

P. robustus



H. habilis

H. rudolfensis

H. erectus: Java man peking man Turkana boy

Sibling species of H. erectus:

H. georgicus

H. antecessor H. floresiensis

Neanderthals (location of first discovery)

Oldest modern human

Please find a world map and map fossils at the location where it was firstdiscovered. Your map will be judged based on accuracy.

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