These are the Prompts:

Communism and fascism were explicitly opposed to one another, and yet mirrored each other in many ways. How were these two political philosophies similar, and what global factors led to these two developing along similar lines? And, how and why(again, in terms of global factors) did they develop differently? Please include reference to communism in at least two different places; you may limit (if you choose)your discussion of fascism to Nazi Germany.

Many historians and academics have looked at human interaction with the environment through a deterministic lens—that is, attributing the causes of historical change and continuity largely to environmental rather than human-‐‐caused factors.With respect to the scope of this course (1500 CE to the present), how has the environment played a role in political and social developments during this period?And, in what ways did social and political development challenge notions of geographic determinism? Please refer to at least three specific movements/events from at leas three continents discussed in chapters prior to chapter 23 as you make your argument.

Each has to be answered in a minimum of a thousand words with clear evidence and structure.

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