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I have a topic this semester on Sexual assault I already have 2/3 post done but the teacher asked me to go back and fix things so I will provide step-by step instructions on revisions and also post 3 instruction and have you start that one.

Allowable sources: any credible and appropriate sources that will support your position. Make sure you do not write any misinformation about your issue as you argue for your position.

Task: Give your point of view on your question:

In the beginning of the post, build from your growing understanding of the arguments and evidence presented in the previous posts, and create your own argument/thesis/position. In the body of the post, break your thesis down into good sub-arguments and use credible evidence to support them.

Your main point will be: Your opinion on the issue.

Guidelines for Post Eight:Remember the final post of this series is your opportunity to give your point of view. You should create a unique post and not just rehash a previous post. Here are some tools and tips to help you do that.

Use argumentative language: Use verbs and verb phrases like—should, must, ought to, have to, need to, should seriously consider, should seriously think about, etc.

Use noun phrases like: the best, the better, the more, the most effective or useful or thoughtful or intelligent or practical or efficient or fair solution or answer or outcome, etc.

Use your voice This post is your opportunity to state your point of view to the world. To that end, make sure to get your voice in this post and use “I” as your subject of you sentences at least a few times. Also, feel free to go out on a bit of a limb—it makes for more interesting reading. Use logic and specific examples to show us that your idea is sound and start with a good and specific thesis.

Craft a Good Thesis At the beginning of post eight you need to have a thesis, stating your position on your issue. Remember a thesis must be specific, clear and arguable. You cannot be on the fence. Because the post is only 500 words (ish) you will have an easier time writing and focusing your argument if you have a more specific thesis than “yes it is good” or “no it is bad.”

Try using subordinators (because, if, until, when, etc.) to make your thesis more specific.

Here are some sample thesis statements on the issue of “Should the state of California allow fracking?” that use subordinators.

After looking into both sides of the debate, I think the state of California should…

Choice 1: ban fracking because fracking will only give more money and power to the oil companies and divert our attention from developing and using alternative energy sources.

Choice 2: allow fracking if independent government regulators perform monthly unannounced inspections for environmental safety.

Choice 3: allow fracking because our cash-strapped state stands to gain so much from it monetary.

Choice 4: wait to allow fracking to be done until the state conducts more comprehensive environmental studies.

Craft Good Sub-points (i.e. topic sentences)

Suppose I pick choice three as my thesis. Here are some potential topic sentences, sub-points to organize my paragraphs around that are arguable and relate to each other and the thesis.

Potential topic sentence 1: Fracking creates many well-paying jobs our state needs.

Potential topic sentence2: Fracking will bring in enormous tax revenue to help balance the state’s budget and reduce our deficit.

Potential topic sentence 3: Fracking will bring a great deal of business investment into the state at a time when California has been losing businesses to other states.

Attack the Other Side: Somewhere in post eight you must attack one of the arguments you made in an earlier post that now disagrees with your thesis (for example if you are arguing against fracking, you must now attack the best argument on the other side you made earlier, e.g. that fracking will help lessen our dependency on foreign oil). There are three ways to do this. You must use at least one of these in this post.

Possibility 1: Admit you were wrong.

Ex: While in an earlier post, I wrote that fracking would help lessen our dependency on foreign oil, after doing more research into the subject, I found out I was incorrect because…

Possibility 2: Concede that the previous post is still true, but not as important as your overall point (see pages 131-132 in the course reader on concession)

Ex: Although fracking, as I mentioned in an earlier post, would reduce our dependency on foreign oil, most of our imported oil comes from Canada which is a stable country we have a good relationship with, so there is no need to import less from them.

Possibility 3: Rethink what you wrote about before, explaining that there is another way to solve the problem, something you overlooked before.

Ex: While I wrote in an earlier post that the best thing about fracking is that it would help lessen our dependency on non-domestic oil, I now realize we do not need fracking to use less foreign oil as we should be concentrating our efforts on minimizing our use of all oil—domestic or foreign.

Decide what community most needs to hear your message At the end of your post, you consider ending with a call to action—who do you think should do what? Make sure you make it clear who the specific audience is and what they should do.

Examples: The lawmakers in Sacramento should draft legislation banning fracking in California.

OR: The citizens of California should join the organization “Californians against Fracking” to learn more about the dangers of fracking.


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