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Urban Drama and your Thoughts

Make sure you respond to this two posts engaging as to what your thoughts are on the post they have written.

Five sentences of each

please write your own words

respond and write your opinion about their posts do you agree or not?

post 1:

I think Urban Drama/Theatre is a genre that needs to exist. Without it I believe it will take people a whole lot longer to have the courage to talk about the issues within society such as racism, sexism, oppression–to name a few.

Some of the major issues that this genre deals with are stereotypes/myths that has surfaced within urban areas and throughout the world. Racist stereotypes and sexist comments or ideas are assumed by people of all kinds. People of color are fighting with one another to try to survive in a world where only the whites are privileged.

I would see a play like Our Lady of 121st Street because it is a piece that would not usually be put on production and I normally would not see it. Some may say it is inappropriate or not within their comfort zone.

I would seek out another Urban Drama film in the future because I would like to see the comparison of Urban Drama in the now versus in the past. I would like to see what’s changed and/or stayed the same and how the story would unfold with the issues/themes of Urban Drama.

post 2:

I find urban drama quite fascinating. The different people and situations that come forth in urban theater and film provide me with a new perspective to different cultures that I would not have been meaningfully exposed to otherwise. The major themes that urban genre deals with are the blatant acts of racism and violence from other cultures and other forms of cultural bias. Most of the time, there are also instances of drug use, poverty, and crime. Our Lady of the 121st Street seems like an interesting play to watch. There seems to have a mafia-like feel throughout the performance, and this would be engaging to watch for me because I am not too familiar with this type of setting and the problems that would arise in this setting. Overall, I would seek out another urban drama film in the future. Honestly, I enjoy all genres of film, and in a way, urban drama is a mixture of many cultures, and hence is a mashup of many genres. There can be instances of drama, comedy, and romance in urban drama, and these subgenres can be affected differently depending on different cultures. The end product that is produced in urban drama film is a collaborative piece with many entertaining mediums through which the subgenres can flow.

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