Hello i need a paragraph for the article answer this quistions.

don’t copy from anywhere please no plaigrism

a) Based on your experiences, what are the three most important types of privacy that are mentioned in the article? b) What do you share with others online? Do you have a Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, or other account? c)What parts of the information that you share with others is beyond yourcontrol? For example, who has access to your Facebook page — just yourfriends on Facebook, or is it public? What other sharing do you engagein that can be accessed by people you don’t know? d)Smartphones have become much more powerful in the last few years. Howhas your data footprint grown over the last two to three years? e)What new services are you using today that you were not using in yourfirst year of university? Has the volume of data and content that youshare increased significantly? Do you feel you can still keep track ofand manage that data?

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