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Assignment 2: Managing Health Care Quality

Imagine that you are a hospital administrator at theSunlight Hospital in California. The main complaint among the patients is thequality of care. Your job is to understand the state of the hospital, createvalue, increase efficiency, and turn the facility into a local hospital ofchoice. Whenever you are making visits in various wards to meet the employeesand the patients, you hear how the patients love the hospital, but they wouldlike to see certain improvements in care. The employees seem to be very busyexecuting their duties and not interacting much with the patients. The hospitalboard has asked you to compile a report of your findings and suggested strategyfor achieving the hospital’s current goals.

Note: Youmay create and / or make all necessary assumptions needed for the completion ofthis assignment.

Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:

  1. Classify five (5) measurements of quality of care in a hospital, and justifythe major reasons why you believe these measurements matter to patients in theirprocess of choosing a hospital for emergency or inpatient care.
  2. Specify four (4) main features in health care organizations that can be usedto design a successful quality improvement plan. Articulate the significantmanner in which the specified features can lead to failure or success of qualityof care in Sunlight Hospital.
  3. Suggest the salient reasons why quality of care would add value to andcreate a competitive advantage for the Sunlight Hospital. Justify yourresponse.
  4. Use four (4) recent (within the last five [5] years) quality academicresources in this assignment.
    Note: Wikipedia and otherwebsites do not qualify as quality academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

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