Cars that drive themselves.

Study progress, safety, and social issues related to an automated system such as automated highways and self-driving vehicles.

Article Reviews:
Important: the articles must be current (not over two years old). Note: this is not a research paper, where you have a topic and find sources to back up your work; instead, you must find an article on a topic you are interested and review the article itself. Careful with plagiarism
This is on Ethics in Information Technology.

A one and a half-to-two page (and definitely, no more than 3) review of the article using APA format: double-spaced, 12 point, Arial or Times New Roman, left aligned, 1′ margins, header with name&page number (at least), etc.

1. An objective summary of the article (author’s main point/-s, ethical dilemmas, legal issues, etc.)–40%
2. Your personal input/suggestions as the concluding paragraphs–40%, and
3. The complete source of the article (in APA style)–20%

This means that, if you give me a huge summary with a brief conclusion, then you will not earn as many points as if you follow the above instructions. Both parts of the review are equally important. The source is worth 20% based on, 1) validity of source, and 2) APA format.

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