Paper The paper is due by Friday December 2, 2016 at 11:59PM. Papers should be submitted using the turnitin tool found in the course content tab.

Each student will be required to write and submit a leadership focused paper. The paper should be typed, double spaced and use 10-12 point font (2 page min 3 page max). It should analyze and summarize recent articles (book, journal, magazine, or newspaper), online articles are acceptable from creditable sources or TV news coverage featuring a leadership topic(s). Focus on recent events (2012 and up). Papers that employ disproportionately poor grammar and poor quality will be assigned a grade that is one letter lower than would otherwise be assigned. Papers should be emailed to the instructor by 11 p.m. on the date listed in the first day handout. You must use and site at least one campus resource you used to complete this paper. The online library to look at potential articles would be an example.

Use at least three (3) sources in your paper. Organize your paper so that it clearly delineates the Introduction, Body, Conclusion, and Reference sections. Use subheadings in the body of the paper to highlight key points from each of your three sources.

As you start trying to organize your thoughts, use the following approach:
1. Start with an Introduction that presents your thesis – the focus or purpose statement of your paper. Don’t form the thesis or introduction statement until you have read all your articles.
2. Next is a Background section that summarizes the articles you choose. Summarize the key concepts of each article into a brief narrative in your own words. Make sure to use quotation marks and citations for sentences, words or phrases lifted off the pages of your articles. Don’t put yourself in a position to be accused of plagiarism.
3. In the Analysis section, identify common threads or themes in your articles. What area(s) of leadership do these themes address – leadership style/behavior, traits, motivation, power, charisma, vision, ethics, values, effectiveness, etc. Do all the articles support your thesis as stated in the introduction? If not, state and explain the areas where there are differences.
4. In your Conclusion section, present your own opinion on the paper. What’s your reaction to the topic?
5. End your paper with a Reference (APA or MLA) section that presents all the sources you used in writing the paper.

6. At the end of your Reference Section, please site at least one campus resource you used in working on this paper. For example, the student success center, library, or writing center. This is required.

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