(Don’t take my question if you didn’t read this book before!!!)

The assignment is: “What is the significance of the author’s decision to portray people of different nationalities as different animals? What effect does this have on the understanding and impact of the story?

As I said in tutorial, passage analysis has been required for ALL assignments and essays in the course thus far.

When performing passage analysis, keep in mind the following questions that you should answer: What is the context for the quotation? Why is the passage relevant to the thesis? How exactly does the language of the passage relate to the thesis (are particular words, images, symbols or motifs significant)? It needs to be clear, for your reader (me), why you are quoting what you are quoting. Evidence should NOT summarize the plot, but it should be specific and prove (or contribute to) the claim you are making. Hope this makes sense.

When referencing certain cartoon boxes (frames) in the Maus text, you can state which frame a certain action/dialogue takes place in (e.g. if it is the third frame on page 45, note “In frame 3, Vladeksays ____.”) The frames should be counted left to right, top to bottom. MLA citing should only have the page number.

Next tutorial we will be going over the final exam and reviewing course concepts. Let me know if you have any questions.

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