Requirement:1. Discuss Singapore’s macroeconomic state over the period in question. Is Singapore successful (relative to the US)?,; Is it fully engaged in the global economy?,; What is the Exchange Rate policy?,; ,Is the currency over-valued or undervalued?,; ,Does the, real exchange rate,appear to be driven by relative prices (as implied by or does it appear to be driven by policy, or by the relative prospects of your country in theglobal economy? ,;Does the RER appear to affect the Current Account? Your goal is to try to explain movements in RealGDP and the exchange rate by the movements of the other series2. The paper’s structure need to be an Introduction, several analysis paragraphs, a conclusion and a biblio page if needed. The introduction should briefly introduce the economic movement in Singapore from 2001 to 2015.. Like I will use date extracted from figure 1 to …..) should begin with clear topic sentences, advertising what is coming. Refer to graphs by number in the figures to explain the point. * Each paragraph is a different paragraph,;* Link ,;and compare,; paragraphs. ***Link paragraphs to theory,;(PPP).; a. Construct RER = Ep*/p, as 1 in the first year. Compare to Net export,;and Y (real GDP and full unemployment) b. Focus on Financial Market Links E( SPOT RATE) ,;and relative Equity Markets….,;,, ** Analysis Purchasing Power Parity and real exchange rate movement. Conclusion, ** Conclude how does the data and information help to understand movement of Exchange rate in Singapore.,3. I will upload my draft paper, sample paper and all the data and graphs. The paper should be ,five page long double spaced. Feel free to rearrange and label the graphs.,

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