1. Read Sexton.Yes, it may be incomprehensible.That’s okay.Do a page by page summary ofSexton(1-1/2 pages)Example (p.1 – Sexton says blah, blah blah; page 2. Talks about x, y, z).Then answer the following questions (note: it’s okay to reflect any confusion you have but guess at what he’s saying if it’s not clear to you):
    1. Why does Sexton think the ultimate racial division is not white/people of color, butBlack/non-Black?
    2. What is his critique of “oppression olympics?”
    3. What does he mean by “people of color blindness?”
    4. What do you think of his argument?
  2. Assess the different position by Sexton and “We are not all Trayvon” on one hand, and“Native Lives Matter” and “Race Beyond Black and White” on the other hand.You don’t need to summarize each one individually 1 page
    1. What explains the different perspectives and positions?
    2. Are these positions reconcilable?If so, how?
    3. What is your position on this debate and why?
  3. Read “Abolish the Police”.Offer your personal reflection on the ideas presented. (½ page)

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