Research Project Prep

For this assignment, conduct research on a Homeland Security and Emergency Management topic utilizing the steps of the scientific method.


  • Law Enforcement (see Department of Homeland Security | Law Enforcement)

Complete the following initial writing assignment for approval of the research topic. The paper must be at least two pages in length, not including the title and reference pages, and formatted according the APA style. You must cite your resource(s) in the text and on the reference page.

  1. Identify a research question. Building from your Week One reading assignment, clearly identify your research question, and then explain in one paragraph why this is an important research question for study in Homeland Security and Emergency Management.
  2. Create three research hypotheses. Prior to writing your three hypotheses, review the video Hypothesis 101 (and other social science concepts) by Dr Wollman, from the Naval Post Graduate School. Having identified a research question, create three separate research hypotheses which might explain your research question. For each hypothesis, explain in at least two paragraphs why this research hypothesis may explain the research question.
  3. Identify common arguments from the media and in academia which make each hypothesis relevant to the research question.

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