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Please respond in one and half to two paragraphs to the example given below of what this term means in terms of IT infrastructure – Performance and why it is so important to a solid architecture to support information systems. Be sure that the your response is in your own words and what you think about IT Infrastructure – Performance and your understanding of this example.

The IT infrastructure as many quality attributes that all factor into the user’s overall experience. The one attribute I find to be one of the most important to IT infrastructure and the overall satisfaction of a user is performance. Performance is a run time quality, which occurs when a user is active.

Performance in IT infrastructure is described as an

“indication of the responsiveness of a system to execute any action within a given time interval. It can be measured in terms of latency or throughput. Latency is the time taken to respond to any event. Throughput is the number of events that take place within a given amount of time” (Chapter 16: Quality Attributes)

It is important for IT infrastructure to have a strong performance, due to IT being accessible 24/7. Some good examples of where exactly you can see when performance is important are networking, applications, databases, and storage. Performance and Scalability directly affect each other when it comes down to it. Scalability is the ability of a system to handle a workload. When performance lacks the scalability suffers as well when performance improves the scalability as well. gives a great example of performances effects on hybrid cloud storage infrastructures. Poor performance in hybrid cloud storage can lead to storage shortage due to IOPS latency, CPU and memory idled, slow physical network to virtual network, and finally excessive workloads on a single host.

Application performance has affected my job personally. I have used systems that were unable to perform due to other co-workers using the system at the same time, even just an overload of data slowing down the entire application to a halt. Fortunately, that has changed and my job has upgraded and with that the performance and my overall satisfaction has improved greatly.


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