My research paper is about Satanic Ritual Abuse. I have attached my outline as well as the guidelines for the paper & the essay scoring guide

Heres parts from the Guideline to give you a gist of what you have to do for this assigment:

The goal of the final writingassignment is to allow you to explore a topic of interest to you in greaterdepth. You should engage with concepts, debates, and arguments raisedthroughout the course of the semester, but specifically focus on one topic thatyou have found most interesting. The topic you choosemay focus a religion in one geographic location, or it may look at religiousphenomena cross-culturally.


The paper mustdraw at least 6 scholarly sources. These sources may have been discussedthroughout the course or in your book review, however you are expected to drawon external sources as well. While you may cite websites, please try to draw onpeer reviewed sources.


The paper shouldbe between 7-10 pages in length with 1-inch margins,double spaced and 12pt Times New Roman font. Include a bibliography atthe end of your paper. You may select any citation style, just keep itconsistent throughout your paper and bibliography.

Please Please no Plagiarizing. Don’t forget a bibliography, scholarly sources and citations, these are very important.

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