Please provide a short response to this student’s weekly conversation

In the example given about John Smith, Isearched around to find more information befitting the Virtue ethicssubject. Some information was on 20th century philosophy inrespect to virtue ethics, to even talking about theory, but I finalfound information on a BBC webpage I thought fit this exampleperfectly. The webpage Virtue Ethics (2014) says “Virtue ethics isperson rather than action based, it looks at the virtue or moralcharacter of the person carrying out an action, rather than at ethicalduties and rules, or the consequences of particular actions. Virtueethics not only deals with the rightness or wrongness of individualactions, it provides guidance as to the sort of characteristics andbehaviors a good person will seek to achieve.”

From the example I see Jim as a professional, and a person who isvery good at his job, but in his “eagerness to maximize profits” hechooses to do the wrong thing. It may have been his moral character ofbeing such a good accountant, and knowing that everyone looks at him as abrilliant mind, or that he feels he is the only one to make thingshappen. Either way his moral compass was off, and his character I feelwas an influence in the decisions he made.

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