answer each question 2 pages per questions

Chapter 5:Civil Liberties

  1. Consider the issue of privacy and governmental searches of individuals’ computer files.Describe in this case how you would balance civil liberties with the need for government authority.When or under what circumstances do you think government should be able to access and search an individual’s computer files without his or her knowledge or consent?What limits, if any, would you place on government’s ability to do this?

Chapter 6:Civil Rights

  1. What is the social purpose of the government recognition of the institution of marriage? Why does the government sanction this form of contract? How does the issue of the gender of each participant in a given marriage fit into the discussion?

Chapter 17:The Politics of Public Policy

  1. What are TWO (2) advantages and what are TWO (2) disadvantages to instituting term limits on members of Congress?Which side do you support?Explain.

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