This five-page research essay must analyze an artwork of your choice. It is intended to
explore both the formal and historical qualities of the work. It may be something that we
have discussed in class, or you may select a work of which you are familiar. MLA
guidelines apply. At least three scholarly reference works must be selected, which may
include online sources.

Selecting a Work of Art for Research:
The grade for the research project will be based on the average of two components:
1.Original content (including the quality of sources)
2.MLA format
Mechanics of an Essay:
Your paper should be well organized and correct in grammar, punctuation and spelling.
Titles of artworks are either underlined or italicized. Articles are set-off with quotation
marks. All information, including ideas and theories that derived from another person’s
work including published and online material, and museum notes, must be cited.

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