Whether the system will be developed in-house, use package software,or be outsourced, a Request for Proposal (RFP) must be prepared tosolicit quotes from vendors. The primary purpose is to communicate withvendors and rank software and hardware products from differentcandidates. A formal RFP must include system requirements and designfeatures to support the IT system as well as research on technicalcriteria and options. These tasks are done in combination with theproject manager, developers, and business analyst.

Once all RFP responses are received from selected vendors,proposals are evaluated and ranked. Having ranked the proposals, thenext step is to present the best options to management in thefeasibility report. Once the vendor approval is obtained, the businessanalyst and project manager will meet with the winning vendor and begincontract negotiations and license agreements. The following RFP sampleswill give you an idea how these are prepared.

The following documents have examples for RFP for a phone systemand a website. Since each student’s assignment is different, you can usethe sections to fill in the specifics for your project. All RFPtemplates are very similar, but on the Internet, these RFPs are alreadyfilled out by real companies. To prepare the RFP, you need to considerthe main sections and fill in your information not in long detail butenough to make the assignment understandable and substantial for avendor to read.


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