Trace the flow of information in your reference organization,using a systems diagram. This exercise entails the active use of your powers of intuition and imagination and your ability to operate on the basis of general, dimly perceived information. Your diagram should be specific about the particular groups, interests, andor individuals that make up each of the main components of your organization’s information system. When thinking of the main components, the following questions may be useful:

  1. Inputs: Who are the individuals, groups, or interests that provide information to your organization? Where does your organization get the information needed for your organization to survive?
  2. Throughputs: How does your organization use the information it gets from its environment? Where does information go? How is it divided among the various units of the organization? How is information used by your organization to produce tangible goods and services?
  3. Outputs: What tangible goods and services are produced by your organization? In what ways does your organization affect its immediate environment? What impact does it have on its surroundings?
  4. Linkages: How do the goods and services produced by your organization affect your organization’s ability to receive information that will allow it to survive in the future?

[This is a one page project. Try to be as specific and as concise as possible.]

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