Essay content is about American civil rights and racial struggle. such as colored people, black people. the basic requirements like this, first pagaraph is introduction.

2rd to 3ed paragraphs are about racial discrimination and segregation phenomenon in around 1960s, list example illutraction. 4th paragraph is about racial struggle.

5th paragraph is about civil rights progress. it can be compare with past, and civil rights make progress.

In this essay, most of the citation and source should from my college library, like ebook.     I have account for login. A small part of citation can from webside.

There are some sources I already summarized. you can use them if they work.

1.Pete gave a case that black people was separated in work. In 1964, South Carolina African American worked in extension agents. Their offices were separated. They cannot use new equipment and take part in some programs. (Daniel, Pete Dispossession, 2013. page 163)

2.Zoe wrote that different American students were tested in class. In 1909, American international students were tested in class for preventing color students immigrant.(Burkholder, Zoe. Color in the Classroom : How American Schools Taught Race, 1900-1954. 2011 page18)

3.The writer Durning gave the information about black people fighting for their civil rights. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, people struggle for civil rights in the South. Black people walking in Montgomery, Alabama, for getting fair seating on buses. (Durning, Jean. Singler, Joan. Valentine, Bettylou. Seattle in Black and White : The Congress of Racial Equality and the Fight for Equal Opportunity. University of Washington Press. 2011. Page 5)

This essay should at least 5 pages, MLA standards.

This essay level is English 111 for intentional students. So it doesnt need to be writen complex. the wrods just like very common ,and essay is easy to read. it is ok that grammar mistakes.

Due time is today 11:59 pm. it has to be finished before 11:00pm. Thank you.

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