Unit VI Scholarly Activity

Interview Questions

Imagine that you have been granted an interview by a world-renowned, female religious leader. What would you like toknow concerning her beliefs, her struggles, and her successes? Two of the suggested readings would be excellentsources for choosing a religious leader for this project. (You will not actually interview this person, so feel free to chooseany well-known, female religious leader.)

Compile a list of 10 questions that would tell you more about her religion and why she chose to be a leader in it. Do notask any “yes/no” questions. Good interview questions take just as much critical thinking to develop as answering thequestions does. Your questions should demonstrate that you have some knowledge of her religious tradition. Yourquestions should dig deeper to get to information that cannot be found in the textbook or on the internet, but use thatresearch to guide “the digging” in the interview.

Below are some possible topics for exploration in your research and in forming your questions. You are not limited tothese topics:

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