SexualOrientation: Nature Versus Nurture

Issexual orientation created by nature or nurture? Clients will presentwith strong beliefs in both directions. For this discussion, identifyyour personal beliefs regarding nature versus nurture, and discusshow you might work with clients who take strong positions that differfrom your own.

Question 2

SexualOrientation: A Parent’s Concerns

Afather and his 3-year-old child present to you for counseling becauseof the young boy’s preference for playing with dolls. The father isvery upset and wants to throw away any doll that is in the house.Additionally, he has repeatedly purchased toy guns, basketballs,trucks, and blocks. To his despair, his son does not play with any ofthese toys but will convert the toys into pretend babies and dolls.It is not uncommon for the son to wrap up a truck or gun in a blanketand utilize baby talk with the object. The father feels like he isout of solutions regarding how to solve this problem and wants you to”fix” his son. How do you address this issue and help thefather “solve the problem”?


Developing Prevention and EducationActivities

Createa pamphlet or small booklet that helps promote optimal humandevelopment, wellness, and mental health through prevention andeducation activities related to human sexuality. To this end, includeinformation for young couples that identifies potential developmentalcrises and disabilities, as well as situational and environmentalfactors that contribute to healthy sexual behavior. Utilize languageand pictures that would be understandable and generally acceptable bymost adults.

References:Please consider as well as others if like

Inyour responses, be sure to be considerate the ACACode of Ethics,

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