Read the below statement and respond the below question…

The experiment that I want to conduct is to study whether or not smoking has any negative effects on secondary smokers. In this case, I will have an experimental group together with a consideration of control group. In the following case study, the negative effects will be the dependent variable while the exposure to secondary smoking will act as the independent variable ( In conducting my experiment, I will expose an experimental group of individuals to secondary smoking and then the control group will be far from any place where they can get exposed to any form of smoking. In order to determine whether the secondary smoking has had any effect on the experimental group, I will conduct a test before the exposure and then another test after the exposure ( I will then compare the results of my posttest with those of the pretest and also compare the results with the test on the control group and the outcome from this kind of an experiment are likely that the health of the experimental group will have deteriorated. In terms of factorial design for a training program in the organization. There management will want to have different program that will vary based on the need in the organization. The factorial design in this case will look at how each group understand the instruction and works on it to give the actual reflection of receiving the instructions. One group in the organization can be given an hour to see the instructions, the other can get 4 hours. To have the same. Both time is counted in a span of one week. One group can be put in a training institution while the other is let to do the instruction in the premises of the organization. This variation will actually give a reflection of what is actually needed for each group to understand the instructions in the right manner. Dividing the groups in to three section will further give a detailed information as it will apply this factorial design.

In response to the above experiment regarding the effects of secondary smoke I have some ethical concerns. If a researcher were to expose individuals to secondary smoke in order to evaluate the consequences of doing so. What could you do to help eliminate these risks in your experiment?

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