Scenario:You have been asked by the management of your consulting company to prepare and write aManagement Advisory Report that will effectively guide organizational decision makers inunderstanding both the requirements of a successful systems analysis and design project and keystrategies and recommendations that can be followed in order to deliver a successful informationsystems project.

Organize your report in the following order with the indicated content: Introduction – a clear/concise description of the report’s purpose (this is an opportunity toconvince the reader that his or her time will be well spent in reading the report) Background – a thorough discussion of why it is so difficult to achieve overall success in aninformation system project (you recall that research has indicated that the majority ofinformation systems projects are deemed to be unsuccessful in one or more respects) Recommendations – a minimum of ten clearly stated and well supported recommendations(“best practices”) for systems analysis and design strategies and project team activities thatshould contribute to the achievement of a successful information systems project effort (this willinvolve a concise explanation of the recommended strategy and a clear justification of itsinclusion by discussing why it should contribute to success).o You are to form these recommendations based on your experiences in this course: inother words, what did you learn from working with the course content and with theindividual and team project assignments in this course?o You are also welcome to form your own ideas on topics that were not specificallyaddressed through these means but that you believe would be important considerations. Conclusion – a restatement of the purpose of the report and a high-level summary of the majorrecommendations identified in the report

Format Requirements: your Management Advisory Report must1. be composed in a Microsoft Word document in 12-point Arial font and with one-inch top, bottom,left, and right margins,2. contain a descriptive title and date completed at the top of the first page in bold text,3. contain a left-justified section heading in bolded text for each of the four sections as detailedabove,4. have a centered page number at the bottom of each page, and5. be written in complete sentences.

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