Internet Recruiting



As part of CapraTek’s HR team, you have been asked to research other employers and their Internet recruiting practices. This assignment has three parts:

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:

Assignment Description

Part 1

Identify two employers and their Web site links who offer candidates the ability to apply for positions online. If possible, use employers you have worked for previously. Look at the user-friendliness of the application process and the value of the general job information found online. Does the posted job information tell a candidate what he or she would want to know about the organizations?

Using information from your research, create a PowerPoint presentation with key bulleted points and a paragraph in the notes section on the following:

Part 2

Select two general job search Web sites (for example, CareerBuilder, Indeed, SimplyHired, and Monster). You may choose local or specific job sites for this assignment, but include the Web site links in your submission. Look at the ease of use and the value of the general information provided on these Web sites. Would you use this site to search for a job? Should CapraTek use these Web sites to post job positions or search for applicants?

Using information from the two job search Web sites, create additional PowerPoint slides and two paragraphs in the notes sections to include the following:

Part 3

Using your job analysis information for CapraTek’s regional sales representatives you gathered in Unit 4, develop an online job posting for this position. You may make location and salary assumptions, as needed.

Finish the PowerPoint presentation with slides that outline the essentials for the regional sales representative job description and use the notes section for the following:

Submission Requirements

Your presentation should meet the following requirements:

Refer to the Internet Recruiting Scoring Guide to ensure that you meet the grading criteria for this assignment.

Note: Your instructor may also use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide feedback on your writing. In the tool, click the linked resources for helpful writing information.


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Correlation: Measuring the Relationship Between Two Sets of Numbers

Transcript iconTranscript


Use your Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting & Orienting New Employees e-book to read Chapter 14, “Social Networks and Hiring,” pages 264–277. This chapter discusses issues that social networking raises, including an employer using an applicant’s social networking site as an initial screening device.

Use your Staffing Organizations book to read Chapter 7, “Measurement,” pages 313–365. This chapter introduces important concepts, including four levels of measurement, as the course moves toward selecting the person to hire. It then looks at the way scoring is reviewed, including central tendency (average), percentiles, and standard scores. All of this leads to the concept of correlation or the relationship between two sets of numbers (example: height and weight for 20 fifth graders).

Use the Internet to complete the following:

Review the document Technology Notes that support this unit’s focus on selecting the best applicant for the position.


Optional – Readings

You may choose to review the following in preparation for the unit assignment:

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