The requirement is follow”You will create a multi-modal analysis of a collaboration between two individuals (or more), or possibly two organizations in a field of your choice. We have looked at an interview where Lin Manuel Miranda and Tommy Kail discuss their longtime, very close, and productive collaboration. Use that as a model to begin thinking about collaboration and researching other collaborations in various arts fields, or in business, the medical field, science, social sciences . . .

The goal of your project is to look closely at a collaboration between parties, the purpose/goals of the collaboration, the process of the collaboration and the outcome. You want to offer an i

in-depth analysis at all aspects of the collaboration.

Your Project III should bring together a mix genres and media to offer a close analysis in a compelling and thorough presentation.

The various media to add to your core written analysis– audio files, images (photos you take, others you gather), videos (youtube, Tedtalks . . . ) charts/graphs.

Other writing to develop your project and add to analysis—interview, a profile piece, a narrative.

You may also begin with an expository essay where you offer an overview and information about the collaboration before moving into an analysis. “

Please amend 1st draft and write three more pages.

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