This week you have read research on the theories of relationships, intimacy, love, social identity, self categorization, and social comparison. Now you will have a chance to showcase what you have learned by creating a recommendation based on this:

Scenario: The Dating Website
Now more than ever before, people are turning to online dating as a means of meeting
someone special. The PewResearch Internet Project (2013) has recently published the
results of their study investigating the popularity of internet dating.
After you have read the Pew report and your scholarly readings for the week, consider
the following: You conclude that it might be a good business opportunity to start your
own internet matchmaking website. The PewResearch report shows you that you are on
the right track. Based on your scholarly readings, what are some of the important things
you need to know about intimate relationships and interpersonal attraction for your
matchmaking business? A big concern in online dating and social media, in general, is
misrepresentation in the online profile. What does the research show in terms of the
factors that influence strategic misrepresentation in someone’s online profile? What
strategies could you initiate to minimize or prevent misrepresentation? In addition to
what you have learned this week, what have you learned in previous weeks that may
assist you in launching a successful dating website? Please be specific and cite

about the creation of a dating website.

Your post should be approximately 500 words in length and include appropriate APA-style citations and references as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. In addition to citing the assigned works you read this week, please locate and cite at least two more peer-reviewed journal articles on any of the areas studied this week to support your position. These articles should be recent (published within the last 10 years).

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