Please make sure your paper has an introduction that explains what you are

going to write about, a body that includes specific examples from the play to

support your answers, and a conclusion that summarizes your major points.

In grading your exam, I will focus equally on what you say and on how you say


1. In both Oedipus the King and Fences some or all of the main characters try

to run away from the harshness of reality. Discuss from what each character is

trying to escape, how each does it, and what the dramatist is suggesting about

the problem of facing reality.

2. Oedipus the King was written in approximately 429 B.C.E. about events that

occurred hundreds of years before then. Fences was first produced on Broadway

in 1987 about events that occurred in approximately 1957. Yet each play is

still read and appreciated today. Discuss each play?s timeless qualities, or in

other words, each play?s relevance to our lives in the second decade of the

twenty-first century.

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