Module 3 – Case

HR Strategic Planning & Training

Assignment Overview

The competitive organizational strategy of an organization as a whole becomes the basis for human resource strategic planning. Human resource planning can be described as the process of analyzing and identifying the need for human resources to meet an organization’s mission. At the core of human resource strategic planning is the knowledge gained from scanning the external and internal environments for changes that will impact staffing and recruitment initiatives. When scanning the external environment, human resource professionals evaluate political influences (e.g., government regulation of HR activities such as being in compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or Wagner Act), study economic conditions (e.g., recessions or booms), and analyze societal trends (e.g., millennials entering the workforce). Internally, the reputation of an organization for how employees are treated and the organization’s overall culture are determining factors for many potential employees who are seeking employment. Thus, human resource professionals are tasked with making sure that the organization is attractive to all potential employees.

Please begin by reading:

US Office of Personnel Management. (N.D.). Strategic human resources management: Aligning with the mission. Retrieved September 13, 2014 from (2010). A guide to strategic human resource planning. Retrieved September 13, 2014 from

Our documents: The National Labor Relations Act (The Wagner Act). (N.D.). Retrieved on September 13, 2014 from

Then, drawing on the material in the background readings and doing additional research, please prepare a 4-5 page paper (not including the cover and reference pages) in which you:

Assignment Expectations

Your paper will be evaluated on the following points:

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