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Presenting an idea to improve patient care to upper management is an example of a leadership position. “One leadership situation occurs when a nurse presents a proposal to a committee who must be convinced to release the money for a project that is vital to the care of clients” (Huber, 2014 p. 114). If I was presenting a proposal for support and funding, I would arrange for adequate preparation and begin by making a business plan so I can effectively communicate the necessary material. “Strategic planning and a written business plan are used to determine how to maximize the message delivery” (Huber, 2014 p. 114).

The communication tool I would use to present my proposal would be an in person, verbal presentation accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation and ending with a Q and A forum. I believe a PowerPoint presentation adds a visual and professional aspect to a verbal presentation. This would allow the presenter to highlight key points, communicate in multiple forms and provide a graphic component to the presentation that would catch and maintain the attention of the audience. The Q and A portion would allow for interaction, clarification of the presented material and further development of ideas. I would also design a pamphlet intended for administration to take away with them highlighting the main points. This would also work as a useful back-up plan in case of any technical issues.

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